Movies with Typewriters : 1, Populaire

I caught this film on a flight last year and I could not contain my excitement – it was as if the film had been made specifically for me. It encompasses everything Claire La Secrétaire stands for; French 1960s office life with a fun twist. If you haven’t already seen it, do not delay any further. Here’s a clip.

Elle Feature

Hello everyone, I’m so excited to announce we are going to have a typewriter featured in next month’s Elle magazine! It’s coming out next week so I can’t reveal which typewriter it is yet, but it’s going to be very very chic, and ever so slightly christmassy..

I will post the picture when it’s out!

Catch you on the flip side

A x

My Pastel Collection


If I was in a situation where I had to make the really tough decision about which of these colour combinations to pick, I think I’d go for the blue and yellow. Yep. Decision made. There is something Wes Anderson-y about the blue and yellow.. It makes me think of The Life Aquatic, one of my favourite films. What about you?!

Apricot and Pastel Green Style


Hello everybody, how are you today? Good I hope.

I’ve been busy working on a new design for my latest typewriter! I decided to go a bit 2 tone pattern vibe for this one. I just can’t seem to get away from pastels, every time I try, the colours somehow become pastel again…

Anyway – this is Avril. That’s her name. She is an apricot and pastel green Royalite with white detailing. The Royalite is officially my favourite model of typewriter. It’s so ergonomic, there is something so satisfying about hitting the keys on this typewriter. The keys don’t clunk, they feel very tight and quite soft, there’s no loud rattling of the metal, the padding on the back of the type basket really helps produce this soft satisfying feel when you type, as well as some kind of mysterious magic that clearly happens inside the mechanisms.

The carriage return lever is longer than average, and so shiny and curvy! You can reach it with ease when you’re typing a super urgent article for the telegraph or something. But you’d probably be best off with some technology for that really.

So as much as I want to keep this for myself, it is going up in the shop this week.

Have you been up to anything creative recently? I’d love to hear about it even if it’s not pastel coloured…


You are My Fave

So a few weeks ago I was saying how the baby blue Olympia was my favourite commission of all time, well now I’ve forgotten all about that and I have a new love: this Lilac Olivetti. Swoonsville! I am actually loving the matt finish, but it is destined for glossiness so that’s that. I also rather like the keys blank, almost as if I was making a statement.. But it’s just unfinished.
Sorry baby blue Olympia, there will always be a special place in my eye candy loving heart for you.

Dear Etsy Customer…

I’ve been sending out hand typed stories with my etsy orders, this one features the fabulous “a beautiful mess” blog, they’ve really made the big time now! And this latest cobbling together of my imagination is more nonsense than ever. I wouldn’t waste your time reading it actually.
If u do read it, I mean St Kilda off the coast of Scotland not the one in Melbourne. It is important you know that.
Poor Etsy customer.
A x
PS, in case you’re wondering, this wasn’t written on one of my reconditioned typewriters, it was on my boyfriend’s 80 year old Corona 4, just so many typewriters lying around you know…

I’m Obsessed with Emily Winfield Martin

Her work is magical! She does illustrations and writes her own children’s books based on mysterious worlds where children and animals are friends, and live side by side in nature. Her style is so beautiful, and she herself is also. Here is a snapshot of one of her seafaring children.

You can see more at her blog

Are you obsessed with any artists at the moment? Who inspires you?

I’m off to the studio now to try and be as creative Emily Winfield Martin 🙂

A x