How to Care for your Local Artist

Now that the recovery from Christmas is well and truly over, I am starting to come out of hibernation and into the world again. I feel like January and February are sort of reserved for sorting stuff out, rejuvenation, assessing things, sleeping, thinking about what’s what and then and then as soon as March hits, it’s like ‘What can I make?! I need to make stuff.’

So I’m decorating in the studio. I’ve finally got some walls up!! Whereas before, I didn’t have walls and people could like see me as I worked and try and try to talk to me! I know; awful.

So I now have walls, which I have now put pictures on and a cork board! Wowza. So as I started collecting ideas for decorating the studio, I came up with an idea for a ‘how to care for your local artist’ collection. Basically everything I would want in a studio, including the coffee. So here is a small collection, it’s taken from a treasury I made on etsy, and if you have got the thirst, you see the full collection here.

But for now, a little something something


1. Yellow Angle poise Lamp from The Curious Case

2. Vintage Cobalt Blue Ribbon from Bumbershoot Supplies

3. Industrial Workshop Drawers from Rehab Vintage LA

4. Blue Toy Soviet Sewing Machine from Old Box

5. Mid-Century Red Metal Stool from 86 Home

6. Scandinavian Apple Fabric from Korea Bacol

7. Blue Sadler Coffee Pot from Florin and Sixpence

More Here

What are your studio essentials? And do you have any tips on how to keep a really big Victorian room with massive windows warm in the winter?! Seriously.

Peace and Coffee,


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