Movies with Typewriters : 1, Populaire

I caught this film on a flight last year and I could not contain my excitement – it was as if the film had been made specifically for me. It encompasses everything Claire La Secrétaire stands for; French 1960s office life with a fun twist. If you haven’t already seen it, do not delay any further. Here’s a clip.

One thought on “Movies with Typewriters : 1, Populaire

  1. catrobson says:

    Such a fabulous film for those of us in love with vintage typewriters. I’m still confused, though, by the typewriter used by the American World Champion, Susan Hunter, in the final scenes. I’ve seen it referred to as an Underwood Touchmaster, but I can’t find any of those that look like what’s in the film. The emblem in the film appears to say “ICM” on wings, but it may be a made-up company to stand in for IBM. Any info on this?

    Love your site!


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