Me and My New Baby… Hermes Baby

It feels like I’ve been working on this powder pink Hermes Baby typewriter for ever! But it is finally finished, and will be shipped off to Belguim this week! I decided to make the badge the same green as the keys, rather than the original steel, just as an extra touch. Here’s a picture of me posing. I think I look a bit smug, but I’ve just got the sun in my eyes… believe!
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2014-08-02 20.16.23

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5 thoughts on “Me and My New Baby… Hermes Baby

    • Annie Atko says:

      This one is actually a French keyboard with ç and é on it, for a customer who lives in Belgium and types in French! It was sourced especially from France for her so I will not be using it, but I have tried to type on it and found it really annoying as I’m used to the Qwerty! But in terms of this Hermes Baby generally, its lightness and compactness makes up for the slight irritation of the shape of the carriage return lever, it’s not ergonomic. But it hinges so that you can fold it up so that’s good. Have you used an Azerty before?

  1. Scott K says:

    Ah! You’re right. I completely overlooked the ‘AZERTY’ layout. Those keyboards don’t throw me much, but having to shift-full stop always throws me.

  2. Gary Garth McCann says:

    I went looking for an illustration of a typewriter and found you and your pink. I’m reblogging the photo in “1975,” itself a reblog from, a piece about what existed and what didn’t at that time..

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