Remembering Why I do What I Do

The wonderful customer who ordered the beautiful baby blue typewriter sent me this lovely email today after receiving it. It always makes me really happy to receive appreciation like this and to know that something I have created can give someone real pleasure is what keeps me doing this through the tough times. 

Thank you so so much.  It is just all my heart’s desire in one object.  I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, attention to detail, skill, thought, patience and kindness.  Please never ever stop doing what you do as you do it so well.
I am glad it was not a chore for you and you are proud of how it turned out.  Please know that it will be adored, cherished and pounded upon daily.  Just love it.  And I too will be trumpeting quietly your marvellousness and causing people to weep over the banality of their ipads.
Whenever I feel like giving up and going and living in a cave, I’ll read this and remember why I do it. 

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