Remembering Why I do What I Do

The wonderful customer who ordered the beautiful baby blue typewriter sent me this lovely email today after receiving it. It always makes me really happy to receive appreciation like this and to know that something I have created can give someone real pleasure is what keeps me doing this through the tough times. 

Thank you so so much.  It is just all my heart’s desire in one object.  I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, attention to detail, skill, thought, patience and kindness.  Please never ever stop doing what you do as you do it so well.
I am glad it was not a chore for you and you are proud of how it turned out.  Please know that it will be adored, cherished and pounded upon daily.  Just love it.  And I too will be trumpeting quietly your marvellousness and causing people to weep over the banality of their ipads.
Whenever I feel like giving up and going and living in a cave, I’ll read this and remember why I do it. 

Studio Days, Mysterious Musicians next Door

My studio is shared with other artists and musicians, and most days the distant sounds of bands practicing fills the building. For the last few days a band has been playing next door that I’ve grown to love, I don’t know who they are or what they look like but today, along with the sun filling the room, they are making me feel very lucky to be here doing what I do. 20140730-151038-54638910.jpg

Delicious Hermes Baby

2014-07-29 10.17.50

I always seem to connect colours with foods, especially anything pastel. This Hermes baby is really making me crave mint and strawberry icecream. I don’t even know if that exists, but it should.

The Hermes baby comes with these gorgeous mint green keys, and I stripped off the original grey / green paint and repainted the body in a soft baby pink. The colours work so well togethere so it would have been a shame to refurbish the mint, so we agreed it looked better with the keys left in the colour they are. As it is, it looks utterly unique now and rather fetching.

The customer for this particular order requested an Azerty keyboard – the French style instead of the qwerty we are so used to, so I imported this one from France for her.
After touching up the space key, and finishing the pink paintwork it will be a real beaut. 🙂

A beautiful Baby Blue Olympia left the studio last week!

It was definitely one of my favourite commissions, what a doll. I hope it enjoys its new life in France. The customer was quite creative in her request, and I was asked to put some text just under the badge – in typewriter font that said “You’re my favourite type of obsession” – but with the b of obsession being a little wonky – like in a murder mystery story where they can tell who committed the crime by the tell tale wonky typewriter letter! You would probably have to have read a decent amount of 1940s – 1970s murder mysteries to know why that would solve a crime.. (or Bunty for Girls comics). 

Anyway, it was a beaut and now it has gone to a loving home. 

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