Typewriter Repair and Restoration – a Simple Guide

Hello typewriter users, over the last few weeks I’ve had lot of people getting in touch about various problems with their typewriters, so I thought I’d post this helpful little Readers Digest guide to some fixing some common problems. If you do have any more complex issues don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’d be happy to help.

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This was written for portable typewriters, the one in the pictures looks like a 1960s model so if you are working with an older one, ie one with glass keys then do not take the body off unless you can see that it is not attached to any of the actual mechanics inside and it is just a shell (ie Corona 4, do not take the body off!).

Typewriter dismantling how to

How to take apart your typewriter

Typewriter Cleaning and oiling

Cleaning and Oiling your Typewriter


I’ve also got some typewriter manuals of various models that are available for download, available on my website here.

Thanks for looking!