Pastel Green Imperial Typewriter

I am very pleased to announce our latest typewriter is available! An Imperial Good companion model T, a 1950s model reconditioned and painted in a beautiful pastel green.

Available on Etsy!

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Caroline Groves’ Hand Made Shoes Are Works of Art

Caroline Groves makes bespoke hand made shoes, and I’m a little bit enamoured by her. These are luxury works of art. I first saw her work at the V&A shoe exhibition in June where her Turquoise Parakeet shoes were exhibited. It was the claw sticking out of the front that got me, such beauty in the feathers and rich colours, meeting with the sinister claw that pokes out of the top. They’re quite fairytale-like.


The Latest Secret Typewriter Sale is Being Released TODAY!

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We’ve got two typewriters available today, a pink Remington and an original matt black Imperial, both reconditioned and in working condition. The priority has been given to the subscribers of the mailing list so they may not make it to public sale, however if any that remain unsold will be made publicly available and will be posted on here in due course.



My Website Is on Hold

Hi! If anyone has tried to go onto my website over the last month you’ll see that it’s not available. That’s because I’m claiming back my domain from a company that had full control over it, and the process takes a while. So, yes at the moment my usual email address does not work, so this blog is acting as my online presence, for now. I do have Facebook, and Instagram too, so if you want to get in touch, you can do so by contacting me on Facebook or on here.
Hopefully the website will be up again within a month, but it will be a much better, much more user friendly, supersite instead of the sort of car crash that it has been. Funny that a website about typewriters needs to keep up with the internet.

Catch you on the flipside